Customized solutions

Whether your primary sales channel today is physical stores or whether you are already seasoned e-retailers, we can help you create a tailor-made e-commerce solution that benefits your business. And we've done it many times before.

In Vertica we have been working with e-commerce for more than 20 years. With some of the most ambitious e-retailers in Denmark, we innovate and develop complex e-commerce solutions that create great value and benefit for our customers' business.

We keep a constant eye on the trends in the market which means that our customers can always expect the best solutions. Our customers have won the e-commerce award 12 times based on the solutions we have developed with them.

When you use Vertica as a partner in your e-commerce project, you get a strong team of digital business developers, project managers and developers who have a lot of experience in solving the kind of challenges your business faces.

In other words, it means that we have the muscles to help you reach your goals with your e-commerce project, so it really fits into your business and, overall, allows you to create the results that move you as a business.

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The e-commerce project from A-Z

Graphic model showing an ecommerce project and how to succeed and increase growth and sales
A stryctured process

From clarification to go-live

We always initiate an e-commerce project with a clarification phase, where we consider your entire business and put your digital ambitions into words. The goal of the clarification phase is to create a clear picture of how an e-commerce solution can move you where you want.

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Development in close dialogue

We help you understand how to build an e-commerce solution that not only has the potential to grow your business, but also the power and flexibility to support growth.

After we have clarified all the details about your new e-commerce solution, our developers start to build the solution. The development takes place in close dialogue with you, and you will have the opportunity to test, see and adjust the solution right up to the go-live.

After launch

When your e-commerce solution is live, it is important that you continuously work on optimizing the solution based on your customers' behavior. That way, you can always match your customers' current needs and get the most out of your e-commerce investment.

We help you optimize your solution through conversion optimization and business sparring, so that you always utilize your e-commerce platform in the best way.

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Always one step ahead

To stay one step ahead and make sure your new e-commerce solution is always running optimally, we offer you a service agreement that comes into effect when your solution is up and running.

Our service team is thoroughly familiar with your new solution and is always ready if you need technical assistance. That way, we can handle any challenges ahead of time before your customers discover them.

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