The foundation for a good solution

In Vertica, we work with three basic platforms that together form the foundation of our e-commerce solutions. It is the content management system (CMS), the commerce platform and the search engine.

On this, you can learn more about how we at Vertica advise our customers on the choice of CMS and commerce platform.

The right CMS

The system should match the needs of the company

CMS is the system in which the user-facing content for a website is managed.

We help you choose the CMS that meets the reality your business is in and the requirements, needs and competencies that are in the business.

When we recommend a CMS, we of course look at the fact that the system must contain the very basic CMS functionalities, which, for example, allows you to easily layout and publish content pages, use relevant media on your site and handle language versions.

In addition, it should be easy to manage access for your editors, and the editing experience should support our clients' editors as well as possible.

We also look at the extent to which the individual system creates the right basis for you to execute your ambitious omnichannel strategies.

In Vertica, we use a variety of CMS systems that enable us to implement solutions that range widely - from national solutions to large international enterprise solutions:


Standard platform or building blocks

By using a commerce platform as the foundation for the e-commerce solution, we gain access to standard functionalities such as user interface for managing the product catalog, handling of baskets and orders and the possibility to define and use online discounts.

However, since many companies today have complex businesses with unique catalogs, prices and discount schemes for customers, a standard commerce platform may not always be the right choice.

In cases where we do not use a classic commerce platform, we instead look at what other systems in the existing system landscape handle the functionalities that each company needs - and in many cases we use different building blocks for to create the right solution for your business. For example, it may make sense to expand and integrate into a component of an ERP system if it is about pricing, to a PIM system if it is about product data or to a CRM system if it is about customer data.

At Vertica, we provide e-commerce solutions on these commerce platforms:

Technical set-up

Clarification of technology needs and recommendations

We have worked with e-commerce for 20 years and know the challenges you as e-retailers can have with the choice of both CMS and commerce platform. We advise you on your technical set-up so that you get the right foundation for your e-commerce solution.

Our recommendations are always based on a thorough clarification phase where we, in collaboration with you, get the full picture of your business and your digital ambitions.

As part of a clarification phase in Vertica, we run a separate technical track where we zoom in on your system landscape today and how it matches the ambitions you have for your digital business.

Alongside our great experience in e-commerce, it enables us to make specific recommendations on how to best put your solution together technically so that it supports your business - even in the long run.

Technical clarification

Questions we uncover during the clarification phase

In connection with the technical clarification we touch on  the following elements:

  • Systems: What systems do you already have? Which third-party systems should be supported?

  • Data: How do you work with data today? Where does your data live? What data do you need going forward?

  • Integrations: How should data flow between your systems?

  • Markets: Should the solution support multiple markets with different language versions and currencies?

  • Organization: Who should work as editors in the different systems? What skills do these people possess?

  • IT strategies and projects: What existing IT strategies exist? What are the planned projects and initiatives and how do we take these into account in the e-commerce project?

  • Cloud: Our starting point when we work with you to find out where your solution should be operated is Cloud. We help you specify and configure the necessary setup based on the expected number of visitors and prepare you for peaks and fluctuations. If you are not ready for Cloud, we can help you with classic hosting.

Our service department can assist you with the operation and monitoring of your Cloud setup

Competencies and initiatives

System architecture and roadmap

In addition to a recommendation for choosing CMS and commerce platform, we also provide recommendations on how to best utilize systems and competencies. We call this a reverse system architecture.

Based on our recommendations for the system architecture, there will often be some tasks for you to adapt to existing systems and processes. That is why we also help you to structure your efforts in a roadmap that ensures that we, with clear initiatives, are always working towards the best solution for you and your business - both now and in the future.

In addition to consulting and needs clarification, we also help you implement the solution.

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