Open source

User-friendly, scalable and future-proof CMS

Umbraco is a free Open Source CMS and can thus be used without license fees. The first version of Umbraco was released in 2003, and since then, Umbraco's popularity has only increased among designers, developers and web editors alike.

The system is, as stated, free to use and supports everything from small to very large websites and e-commerce solutions.

Developed on the Microsoft .NET platform, Umbraco is extremely flexible both in terms of customizations and extensions. Enlargement options make it, for example, possible to integrate the system with your existing systems or to develop special modules.

The friendly CMS

Complete freedom for editors

The system is not only a great tool for the developers, but it is also easy for editors to create and maintain content. Umbraco gives complete freedom to editors so they can build their content pages on their own without relying on developers.

Umbraco has been nicknamed "the friendly CMS", which has just been achieved through the system's user-friendliness and intuitive interface, which everyone can learn to use - even without prior knowledge of CMS or technical skills. Web editors maintain the content of the website in a simple and clear management module, which at the same time makes it easy and quick to get started.

E-commerce with Umbraco

Umbraco can be used as a CMS in connection with e-commerce solutions, both within the B2B and B2C segments - and we have extensive experience with both.

Many of the solutions we create in Vertica are technically complicated solutions that are put together by many different building blocks. In that context, Umbraco fits in very well. Umbraco is purely a CMS - and that means there are not a lot of redundant functionalities that go to waste when part of a larger system landscape. It provides great flexibility and freedom to build exactly the architecture that best matches the needs of the business.

Contributing to the Umbraco development

In Vertica we have several developers who, in their spare time, are involved in the Umbraco community and contribute to the development of the system. Two of our developers have been named Umbraco MVP on several occasions. It gives us a technical advantage that benefits our customers.

Among other things, we have created Umbraco solutions for Coop, Brødrene Dahl and Sanistål, with which we have also won an Umbraco Award.