Tre Coop-ansatte står i et lager med kasser, der kan købes via B2C webshoppen som har øget onlinesalg

More customers online

Through a number of years, Coop have sold nonfood products online at and, at the same time, sold fast-moving consumer goods through with great success. Seeing as Vertica developed, we have gathered knowledge about online sale of fast-moving consumer goods. Thus, it was an obvious choice for Coop to continue the collaboration with Vertica, as they wished to expand their business with an online supermarket and deliver a wider range of fast-moving consumer goods to Danes all across the country.

Coop needed an e-commerce solution that worked in close interaction with their logistical setup. With more than 8,000 products to be delivered door-to-door in different time slots, the logistics for freight and delivery have to function frictionless.

At the same time, Coop wanted to create a user-friendly and intuitive experience for the customer, where the focus is on the well-known Coop brand and the shopping experience. Thus, Vertica used the latest frontend technologies and user optimised design in order to develop a user-friendly site that visually reminds the customers of the Coop, they know.

Online supermarket with more than 8,000 fast-moving consumer goods and 25 specialty stores

Hænder snitter aspargesbroccoli på spækbræt købt via Coops B2C digitale salgskanaler på både web og app

With the new the customers will get a wider range of fast-moving consumer goods than ever before online, as the new webshop offers 8,000 products. With their new online supermarket Coop wish to obtain a wider reach through a concept that appeals to a larger part of the population than the previous This means that Coop always offers at least 500 of the most popular products to a set, low price that matches the prices in the discount stores. The products are the same as the ones the customers know from Coop’s stores, so they get all the best from Coop in one solution.

At the same time, Irma has now been integrated into the site along with 24 other specialty stores that offer everything from delicacies to organic or lactose free products.

In the specialty stores, the customers can click and visit each unique store where they solely find products from for instance Meyers, Änglamark, Thise and Urtekram. The 25 specialty stores each have their own individual visual expression.

The Coop membership programme is also an integrated part of the new solution. Today, Coop has more than 1.6 million members who earn points and receive membership advantages when shopping on the new digital platform. Just like in the physical Coop stores.

The intuitive shopping experience

Mand og kvinde kigger på smartphone, måske bruger de Coops B2C ecommerce-løsning en ehandelsapp til at foretage online indkøb

A team of Vertica’s graphical designers, UX-consultants and frontend developers have worked closely with Coop to create an intuitive shopping experience for the customers. The new site is characterised by a number of user-friendly features, including an intelligent search engine, auto-suggest when searching, facetted search and clear product categories so that the customer can find the desired products with only a few clicks.

The site saves the customer’s top 100 products so that it is easy to fill the basket with the most popular products with only a single click. At the same time, the site has a clear checkout flow where the customer can easily see and edit his shopping list and choose time of delivery for his postcode. The entire customer journey has been integrated, so that it is easy for the customer to add or edit to his order all the way up until delivery.

We are very happy with the partnership with Vertica, where we balance the needs of our customers, in terms of range and service, with a healthy business strategy. Now, we are laying the foundation for the online supermarket of the future and we have come a long way on this journey. But there are still things left to do. With Vertica, we have taken great steps ahead and with more than 3 years of partnership and successes behind us, we feel well-equipped to build and develop Denmark’s best online supermarket together.
The technical element

Flexible platform and user-friendly CMS

The core of Coop’s new solution is the e-commerce platform Sitecore Commerce Server along with Umbraco CMS which handles the more than 8,000 products. In addition to delivering and implementing the e-commerce platform, Vertica has also created the integration to Coop’s underlying business systems where all product data, prices etc. come from.

First mover on e-commerce for fast-moving consumer goods

Kvinde og barn bager chokolademuffins med flormelis topping med ingredienser fra Coops B2C webshop på web og app

In 2015, Coop won the e-commerce award for their e-commerce with fast-moving consumer goods with the explanation that they challenge their own industry. Coop lives up to this by launching an online supermarket as the first traditional supermarket chain in Denmark.

By being a first mover and leading the way, Coop hope that they can contribute to setting the Danish market for online sales of fast-moving consumer goods in motion.

The solution is optimised for grocery shopping and, at the same time, makes it easy and convenient for customers all over the country to shop from home with delivery straight to their door.

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