Concept and vision

POMPdeLUX started in 2006 when Marianne Hoffmann Dyrbøl and her then business partner missed a place where they could buy quality children's clothing at reasonable prices. Through many years of working with fashion and design, the idea for a whole new concept was ready. Design and production of children's clothing - wanting to keep the price down, it should not be sold in traditional stores, but through events and its own webshop. Today, POMPdeLUX is present with their unique concept in 8 countries with the opportunity for pure e-commerce in the rest of the world.

E-commerce and social shopping

The entire POMPdeLUX business is rooted around the digital channel, where Episerver is the central component. The business unfolds in two main channels. One channel is classic e-commerce, where customers can serve themselves through the webshop, while the other is social shopping.

At social shopping events, customers meet in a cozy and homely environment and are presented with the collection by a shopping advisor. Event attendees can view and select the styles they wish to purchase through the website or the corresponding app and complete the purchase themselves, or with the help of the shopping advisor. The app draws on the same data as the webshop, so customers can sit at home with the app and add styles to the basket in preparation for an event.

The site also acts as a booking engine, where customers can search for shopping events or shopping advisors in their area if they want to set the framework for a enjoyable event with their girlfriends.

The customer has the opportunity to personalize her profile by creating favorite lists for each child by name and age. In the long term, POMPdeLUX can use this knowledge effectively in marketing to a target group, which in many cases is not just customers, but loyal fans.

Mix and match and mobile optimization

POMPdeLUX is known for combining their clothing across different styles and collections. Through the feature 'Buy the set', the customer has the opportunity to purchase entire outfits composed by stylists at POMPdeLUX. The Mix & Match concept ensures customers a cohesive wardrobe so they only have to shop in one place.

The site presents the many styles in a simple, clean design, characterized by inviting product- and environmental images as well as a clear and intuitive navigation. The solution is responsive and optimized with a focus on a user-friendly and inspiring experience on all devices. This is crucial as most of the traffic comes from smartphones.

Customer loyalty and internal efficiency

With their unique concept, POMPdeLUX is innovative in a competitive industry with many players. The new solution allows POMPdeLUX to act quickly in the market. They can execute promotions and sales periods, set up landing pages and manage customer dialogue across channels. At the same time, the platform supports the important role of the shopping advisor in the business.

POMPdeLUX has digitized a proven concept with significant commercial rewards. The new platform enables POMPdeLUX to realize the digital growth potential that lies both in Denmark and abroad.