The cohesive customer journey

Bolia wants to offer their customers the best cohesive customer journey in the world, creating a fusion between all of Bolia’s channels so that the customers experience one unified Bolia. The challenge is that Bolia has a complex business with around 350,000 products, sales to both B2B and B2C, physical stores and a long line of languages and markets.

To create the personal shopping experience, Bolia has to know each single customer. In order to master this, Vertica has recommended that Bolia follow the principles from the concept unified commerce. Here, the goal is to give the customers a consistent experience in all channels as we know it from omnichannel, but unified commerce takes it a step further. With unified commerce there is one unifying software that links all touch-points together in real time.

Data is the key

The key to unified commerce and the optimal customer experience is to collect, process and use data. This means that physical stores, mobile and website are unified through a cloud based solution so that the retailer is always up to date with knowledge about the customer, thus able to act in a competent and personal manner towards his customers regardless of where and when they wish to communicate.

Three in one

To Bolia, it is crucial to have an e-commerce solution that is flexible and responsive with optimal performance both on fixed units and mobile devices, and it has to meet Bolia’s high standards for images and video. The reason for this is that all of Bolia’s sales go through the website, including the sales in the physical stores. Here, the sales staff are equipped with iPads so that they have access to at all times and can provide the customer with an overview of the product assortment. The solution supports all business processes including procurement, sales and logistics.

One unified Bolia

Bolia offers their customer the same digital solution in all usage situations. Thus, it is the same webshop the customer sees when he is browsing on his iPad at home as when he visits Bolia’s shops and browses the product assortment on the iPads or instore information screens. This creates recognition and overview for the customer.

After the customer leaves the shop, the shop assistant can send the customer an e-mail with a shopping basket that contains the very products they have just discussed. Now, the customer can sit in the comfort of his own home and browse the offer – and with a few clicks submit an order for one or more of the products. Thereby, it is convenient for the customer to complete a purchase. This way, Bolia manages to convert a visit in a physical shop to a purchase on their webshop, and no less than 50 % of Bolia’s turnover stems from mail offers from the shop, which the customers then accept.

Flexible frontend

Each year, Bolia has a new line of collections, and their webshop must reflect this. Therefore, changes its visual expression every time Bolia launches a new collection. For this reason, the site is developed with a focus on flexibility, so that Bolia can give the website a visual makeover several times a year.

At Bolia, our focus is fully on creating extraordinary experiences for our customers where ever we meet them. The goal is to deliver full on omnichannel in all aspects of our business. Thus, it is important to have a competent partner such as Vertica, who works as our advisors both in terms of business and in the technical area. We have a stronger position in the market with the new platform that supports our constant focus on growth in multiple markets.

A future-proof solution

The co-operation between Bolia and Vertica goes back more than 20 years. Together, we ensure a constant development and optimisation of Bolia’s solution. We have helped Bolia kickstart the roll-out of their vision to create the world’s best omnichannel experience. We did this by uncovering all customer touch-points, and on the basis of a line of strategic workshops we have submitted suggestions for architecture and recommendations for systems.

Vertica has handled the interaction design, development and integration of the scalable e-commerce platform which is a cloud based Optimizely solution where all data about customers, products and orders are gathered in Elastic Search, and all order handling an financial management happens in AX. The design agency Uncle Grey have delivered the new design.

With the latest relaunch of Bolia has a solution that is ready for international growth and a strong tool for the company’s marketing division. The solution ensures a dynamic between languages, markets, campaigns, B2B, B2C as well as online and offline.

The new is both an e-commerce platform and a branding platform, and Bolia has one unified solution across all systems – in other words unified commerce.

Nobody does e-commerce like Bolia.

Visit and be inspired.