Digital strategy

Make the right choices from the beginning

The digitization process is a business-strategic initiative, and it is important that you have an overview of your organizational setup, IT, data and processes from the beginning, so that the plan for the digitization becomes realistic.

We advise you in the tension field between customers and systems, and we help you clarify your digital potential as well as identify the most value-adding efforts. The result is increased revenue and efficiency of your business.

Based on our specialist knowledge, we help you make the right choices at the right times. We act as a link between management, marketing, sales and IT, and we ensure that all parties are heard in the process.

In the process, we guarantee that you get around all relevant aspects.

We give you an overview and highlight both opportunities and potential pitfalls along the way while showing you the way to reach the goal. We do this based on our broad experience in digital business development for a large number of ambitious B2B and B2C companies.

We know what role your existing systems play and how to make the most of them with the least effort. We know the importance of automating processes and can put it in terms of the business context with sales, marketing and customer service respectively. In other words, we know what it takes to run digital business.

We believe that it is the business that guides the choice of the technical platform - not the platform that should provide the framework for the business. We can guide you on choosing a platform based on your specific needs, resources and goals. Our focus is to ensure a platform and architecture with which your business can grow. At the same time, we must ensure that you get the optimal benefit from all existing and new systems.

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The process strategy

From research to roadmap and prioritization of initiatives

With us, all strategy work starts with insight into the market in which you operate. As a result, we spend time mapping the market, the competitive situation, stakeholder interests and, especially, customer needs and behavior.

Then we help you put words to your vision and we clarify what requirements are put on your organization in terms of processes, systems and data for you to achieve your vision.

Finally, we translate the vision into a roadmap outlining where you can create value right away and what you should focus on over time.

What value does it give you?

When our consulting process is complete, you are well equipped to make the right decisions about your digital initiatives. You have gained the following:

  • You have a clear vision, measurement points and a priority list of what digital actions you should take to execute the vision.
  • You are ensured organizational consensus, so everyone agrees on where you are going and how to get there.
  • You have the basis of a business case and can see the finances, investments, potential and not least the necessary organizational adjustments.

Implementation of the strategy

When you have to execute the various stages in your roadmap, we are happy to help you choose the right partners. We can help you by preparing tender documents, assessing suppliers' offers and acting as suppliers at supplier meetings.

If you want to implement your digital initiatives yourself, we can deliver a complete solution design with specific action instructions - with or without wireframes and designs - and equip your own IT department to handle the development. And we are of course happy to remain on the sideline and help the project get started with your internal developers, act as a sparring partner and quality assure the solution.

You can also choose us to take care of the technical development of your new digital solutions.