Boost customer loyalty with an app

An app is a powerful platform to create customer loyalty, provide better customer service and access valuable data on your customers' buying behavior.

An app gives you the opportunity to stay with the customers wherever they are, as they always have their smartphone at their fingertips.

In doing so, you break down any practical barrier that could be in shopping with you exactly  because you are available everywhere and at all times.

With a well-developed app, you can create a much closer relationship with your customers - and if your app meets customers' demands, expectations and needs, they will have less incentive to seek out your competitors.

Apps provide value for both B2C and B2B

Both within B2C and B2B, customers are demanding the opportunity to place orders, view invoices or seek information while on the move.

For this, an app is often optimal because it can accommodate very targeted and specific content and quickly solve the exact needs that the customer has in a specific situation.

In Vertica we have a dedicated app team, which is behind a number of apps for, among others, Brødrene Dahl. Common to all the apps we develop is that they are based on business logic or a transaction - and not solely the display of content.

The benefits with an app

It is important that you carefully consider the motivation for creating an app. We always recommend that the app provide customers with added value that they cannot get by visiting your mobile optimized website. For example, it could be:

  • A solution or tool that makes it easier and faster to book tickets
  • A loyalty program or customer club that gives customers easy access to club cards and benefits
  • An opportunity to store customer information (quick sales)
  • Utilizing the camera feature (image search, quick posts etc.)
  • A utilization of location (GPS)

Here's how we can help you

We would like to have a dialogue with you about which solution is right for you.

We can help you with concept, design and ease of use, choice of technology and platform and not least implementation and roll-out of the final solution.

We also have a service team that is trained to take over as your app is developed and live for the users.

We provide apps for iOS (iPhone, iPads), Android and Windows Phone. In addition, we work actively with hybrid mobile solutions based on Phonegap (Cordova and Ionic) and Xamarin.