Collage af smartphones med Søstrene Grenes loyalitetsapp, der er del af omnichannel-strategi, som optimerer kunderejsen og optimerer konverteringsrate

Why develop an app?

"We need an app!" you may have heard someone exclaim at a meeting. But when does getting an app really make sense?

Today, all websites are (or should be) built to scale perfectly on smartphones.

That means it no longer makes sense to develop an app just to cater to customers visiting your online channels via mobile.

But then what should be the focus of app development? The most important thing is that your app is relevant and creates real value for your customers.

Consider the apps you often use yourself. What do they have in common? They address a real need.

Maybe they offer flexibility in a context where you don't have a computer or Wi-Fi nearby? Maybe the purchase flow is faster than on a desktop? Maybe they keep track of your club card and points for a customer loyalty club? Or maybe they offer access to self-service?

There are many possible purposes, but the common denominator of good apps is that they serve a purpose that your website cannot. And if you can find that purpose, an app could be just the thing for both your business and your customers.

So, how do you make sure you're giving your customers gold and not fluff on their mobile? You might be inspired by Brødrene Dahl, who gave their customers access to the full retail universe in the BD app. With self-service capabilities, 24/7 access to the physical store and geolocation, the app has boosted the company's digital sales.

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Smartphones med visning af købsflow på BDs meget benyttede app, som kunder bruger til at handle og skabe merslag

Case: Brødrene Dahl


How to create a fast purchase flow that saves your core customers time and hassle? Tradesmen have busy jobs, often working to tight deadlines. To help the target group save time, Brødrene Dahl developed an app that has quickly become one of the most important tools for tradesmen in their daily work.

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With the launch of our self-service app, we have taken another important step in the digital development of our business and towards implementing our ambition to constantly offer efficient and useful services to our customers. Our expectation is that the app will contribute to both increased revenue and even better shopping experiences for our customers.

What an app can do for you – and your customers

There are many advantages to offering an app to your customers. It allows you to provide better services and tools to your customers, and to get even closer to them.

Quite literally.

With an app, you're always at your customers' fingertips and can easily communicate and offer personalised content to your users.

Here are the main benefits of an app:

  • You can simplify the customer journey and increase sales.
  • You can offer customised solutions, discounts, content and more to your customers – Coop and Matas, among others, do this very well.
  • You get a new marketing channel and can send (relevant!) notifications to your customers.
  • You can build loyalty with your customers – either with specific loyalty programmes or by offering them services. 

Get inspiration and read about how the conversion rate among Søstrene Grene's customers is 250% better with the loyalty app compared to regular customers.


Tre smartphones på bord med Søstrene Grenes loyalitetsapp, der optimerer customer journey og skaber bedre konverteringsrater

Case: Søstrene Grene


With their new loyalty app, Søstrene Grene has done away with points systems and discounts. Instead, they focus on bringing more experiences to their customers in the form of DIY projects, interviews with fellow creative sisters and, of course, easy and convenient shopping. With the app, Søstrene Grene's customers are sure to have materials and guides at hand the next time they take on a creative project.

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App or website?

There are some essential points to consider when considering developing an app. We've outlined five questions to help you decide if an app is right for your business: 

  1. What needs should my app meet that our website doesn't?
  2. What will make our customers use our app in particular? How do we solve a real problem for them?
  3. Will the extra maintenance and costs associated with the app be recovered through increased revenue and loyalty from our customers?
  4. Can the app help us get new customers? And if so – how?
  5. When is the app a success for our business? Set clear goals such as number of downloads, monthly users, increased sales through the app, etc.