What We Do

E-commerce solutions that transform your business

A good e-commerce solution is not just a place where your customers can service themselves. It is a strong sales platform that boosts your brand, strengthens your customer services and creates customer loyalty and additional sales.

All professional competences under one roof

We have 15 years of experience with e-commerce and we have all the required competences inhouse, regardless of whether you need us to develop a digital strategy, a webshop, build an app or streamline your business through integration.

We employ Digital Counsellors, Project Managers, User Experience Consultants, Digital Designers, Online Optimisation Experts, certified Developers and Integration Consultants. This ensures that we cover all aspects of your new solution and that all elements interact to offer your customers, sales personnel and Customer Services the best possible platform.

Analysis, process and optimisation

To ensure a knowledge-based foundation for the development of your e-commerce solution we always begin with a preliminary analysis. Here, we involve all stakeholders and make decisions in regards to the commercial goals, designs, features in the solution, integration and choice of platform.

The next step is to organise how the process should proceed.

Technical implementation

When our conselling process is completed and you have a final design for your new e-commerce solution we can help you choose a technical supplier. We can also equip your own IT department to solve the task, themselves.

You can also choose to leave the technical implementation to us. We have 15 years worth of experience with developing e-commerce solutions.

In our opinion, your business should determine the choice of your platform – rather than the platform dictating the terms of your business. By establishing your commercial needs, resources and vision we can counsel you on choice of platform, architecture and choice of systems.

The goal is to ensure you a platform and an architecture that makes it easy for you to grow as a unified business. Furthermore, we must ensure the maximal benefit of all the systems in play.

Reas about CMS and commerce platforms

We operate by the principles of Scrum

We manage our projects through the principles of Scrum. Among other things, this means that our teams have daily standups and that you as a customer are invited to demos every three weeks to follow the development of your solution up close.

This ensures that we are in agreement at all times in regards to priorities – and at the same time, it creates a flexibility where you can change your need or requirements along the way.

When your solution is launched we offer a Service Agreement so that we are always available if you should need technical assistance. We also offer to continuously help you optimise your solution in terms of conversion optimisation, business feedback and online marketing.

This way, you will always be sure to match the actual behaviour of your customers and gain the maximal outcome of your investment in e-commerce.

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