Your solution is in safe hands

Tre mænd kigger på en skærm og en mand med ryggen til ser på en anden. De overvåger kritiske løsninger og digitalt salg

Once we have developed a solution with you and your company and the solution has gone live, it will be handed over to our service department. This means that the solution is always in safe hands should challenges arise.

Our service department is always staffed by talented developers who are ready to handle everything from bug fixes in your solution to user and product support as well as minor development tasks.

Call our service phone on +45 88 88 61 51

Our service phone is open every weekday from 8am to 5pm.

Take advantage of our 24/7 on-call assistance

If your solution work in several countries with different time zones, you also have the opportunity to use our 24/7 on-call assistance. The on-call assistance gives you access to service and support around the clock, every day of the week.

Benefits for the company

  • Always quick follow-up 

    When you call our service department or our 24/7 on-call phone, you will always get an experienced developer who can quickly create an overview of the problem and identify the right solution. As a service customer you can also safely report your problem via Trello. Vertica's service team is constantly monitoring new cases, so you are always guaranteed a quick follow-up.

  • Transfer of knowledge from development- to service teams

    The developers in our service department are close to the development team that has built the solution itself. This means that knowledge of your solution is not lost. There is an ongoing dialogue and sparring about all solutions between development teams and service teams.

  • Service on all solutions

    When we develop a solution for your company in Vertica, we maintain test and development environments for your solution. This means that it is easier to find errors and correct them quickly and effectively.

  • One step ahead of security

    We are committed to keeping an eye on where security gaps can occur on the various platforms - and we will take action if necessary.