Everything in one e-commerce solution

Brødrene Dahl wanted to ease internal processes and gather all product information in one database, as they work with more than 200,000 products. The business integration has been the main focus in Brødrene Dahl’s e-commerce solution, including order handling, delivery addresses and other business logistics that are necessary in order for the e-shop to run optimally.

At the same time, Brødrene Dahl saw a potential in creating a more user friendly and intuitive website where many B2B customers shop every day. Thus, Vertica has been in front in the development of the new site and the brand new functionalities.

Easing the customer experience

The core of Brødrene Dahl’s new solution is the e-commerce platform Sitecore Commerce Server and Umbraco, which handles Brødrene Dahl’s more than 200,000 products. In addition to delivering and implementing the Commerce Server, Vertica has also carried out business integration to Brødrene Dahl’s ERP system. Thus, the solution is aligned with the solution for Saint Gobain’s other brand, Optimera, which Vertica has also developed.

In relation to the development of the new www.BD.dk all 160,000 products have been re-categorised, and facetted search has been introduced. Along with the optimised search filters this lets the customers carry out even more precise searches.

Furthermore, the customers’ personal functionalities have been unified so that is it easy to get an overview of the latest order. Also, the solution contains a personal top 100 hundred with products that the user most frequently buys, so that it is easy to re-order the favourites.

Optimized for Mobile

Brødrene Dahl have supplemented the B2B e-shop with a mobile optimised website that Vertica has developed.

Brødrene Dahl’s customers, the professional craftsmen, are almost always on the go, and if they lack tools or materials at the construction site, their mobile phone is always in their pocket. On their phone, the craftsmen can easily find and order the right product among Brødrene Dahl’s 200,000 different products.

The solution is 100 % connected with the webshop. For instance, the craftsman can add products to his backet that he is currently lacking, and his boss can check and approve the order afterwards.

Launching the new www.bd.dk has taken place in close co-operation with Vertica who developed it all. The aim was to create better speed and uptime. Vertica has done a really good job, and the result is really great. We now have one of the fastest, most stable and advanced solutions in the industry.

The best B2B e-commerce site of the Year in 2013

The commerce server has not only given Brødrene Dahl a much faster time-to-market. The platform has also optimised a line of internal processes in the company. For instance, it is easier to maintain product information just as the new Sitecore CMS has made it easier for the whole organisation to contribute to the updates.

The overall performance on the site has been lifted and it is, thus, both faster and more stable. And it is made easier to navigate the site quickly.

In 2013, the Vertica-developed site received the award for Best B2B e-commerce site of the Year. A title that is annually given out by the FDIH (the Association for Danish Internet Commerce). This certainly underlined Brødrene Dahl’s success in the field of e-commerce.