Scalable and flexible

With a management model and interface reminiscent of Mirosoft Office in many ways, Sitecore appears intuitive and easy to access. Dynamic websites with, for example, multilingual or different target audiences are thus simple to create and maintain.

Based on the .NET platform, Sitecore CMS is built on a robust and scalable platform. It is an obvious choice if you plan to scale the business by expanding the product range or opening new markets. At the same time, Sitecore is a strong platform to develop on - both in terms of developing custom components and integrating with other business systems.

By choosing Sitecore you get:

  • A scalable platform
  • A flexible platform that can be tailored to your needs
  • Possibility of integration with other systems
  • Built-in marketing tools (personalization, segmentation and analysis)
  • Opportunity for e-commerce with Sitecore Commerce and Ucommerce
  • Ability to put the focus on the customer and create an omnichannel experience
Sitecore experience platform

E-commerce features, content management and marketing tools

Sitecore's Experience Platform integrates e-commerce features with content management, marketing automation (email, social media, google), optimization and analytics.

One of the great advantages is that the platform automatically collects and stores all data about customers' buying habits, searches and other behavior across channels. It allows you to deliver personalized and relevant content, products and offers targeted at each customer.

Through the platform's analysis tools you have the opportunity to work actively with data and create new insights. For example, discovering new customer groups and, based on their common features, make targeted segmentations.

This particular combination of data collection, reporting, targeting and analysis is a strong foundation for your digital presence.

Sitecore commerce

A 'best in class' commercial engine

Sitecore can advantageously be used in connection with e-commerce solutions both within B2B and B2C. There is a full range of commerce opportunities integrated with Sitecore's Experience Platform. With Sitecore and Sitecore Commerce Server, you can identify the customer and make the entire content and commerce experience interconnected both externally and internally.

Sitecore Commerce Server is a 'best in class' commercial engine that has optimal and scalable handling of customers, catalog, baskets and orders. The system also has a sales and marketing branch that handles discounts and offers on, for example, catalog products and the associated price rules and coupon codes.

Sitecore Commerce Server is a fully integrated part of Sitecore's user-friendly interface and bridges, for example, the catalogue and menu items on the Sitecore page. The e-commerce platform Ucommerce is also fully compatible with Sitecore CMS.

Technical set-up CMS and commerce platforms

Sitecore e-commerce experience

At Vertica, we have 20 years of experience developing e-commerce solutions in Sitecore, and among other things we have developed solutions for Hørkram, Scandlines and VELUX on the platform. We also handle integrations with the underlying systems such as PIM or financial systems as well as Google Tag Manager, email marketing and payment systems.

Our focus is to utilize the platform optimally and at the same time involve other platforms such as DIBS for payment.

In addition to developing e-commerce solutions in Sitecore, we also teach Sitecore Commerce.