From manual to digital

Kvadrat caters to several segments, including architects, retailers and individuals. The new solution is designed primarily for Kvadrat's retailers, which includes home furnishing stores such as Paustian and Illum's Home, as well as smaller furniture upholsterers and curtain retailers. Until now, ordering has been done through manual processes such as telephone and email. Thus, there was a great potential in launching not just an e-commerce solution, but a digital service platform that gives customers easy access to knowledge of products and makes it easy to place orders and order samples. The platform is a powerful tool that provides the retailers with the necessary knowledge and strengthens the customer dialogue.

E-commerce, knowledge and inspiration

With the new digital channel, Kvadrat's retailers have gained an inspiring and easily accessible overview of the product range as well as the necessary technical insight into materials, dimensions, specifications and certificates. This information is used especially in connection with procurement respones, etc. B2C customers can browse the catalog and be inspired by the latest collections, while B2B customers, after login, have access to e-commerce and self-service with customer-specific assortments and prices.

Kvadrat's range covers furniture upholstery, rugs and curtains, but there is a big difference between what information and specifications should be available, as well as how to order the different fabrics (in meter sizes, specialized dimensions or in pieces). It places great demands on the solution and the product display, which varies by product type and ordering method.

Through our ongoing digitalisation, we want to give our customers, retailers, easier and faster access to the products and services we already offer. At the same time, the digital platform allows us to expand our services, thereby helping to make retailers even better in their dealings with consumers. If we succeeded in making the retailers even more proficient and supporting their conversion in the physical stores, then our partnerships become even stronger for mutual gain.

All product information gathered in one place

Kvadrat relies on providing good, accurate and complete product information with texts, images and data files so that customers can be told the desired details about the products. As a result, they have implemented the Product Information Management system inRiver, which structures all product information in one place and ensures that updates are automatically transferred to the webshop in all languages.

The PIM system not only streamlines the process of product data internally at Kvadrat, but also ensures that customers always have access to enriching and detailed product views at the shop.

Kvadrat, like many others, has gotten off to a good start with digital development. With the many aspects of such a process, it has been liberating to work with Vertica, where I have gained deep insights into e-commerce and tremendously strong advice based on their experience base. This applies entirely from the director level to project management, UX, coding - yes at all levels. The collaboration has mainly followed the original plan, but the agile approach and adjustments based on our learning along the way have added value to the course. I can only imagine that in the future we will develop other solutions together.

A strong foundation

The Episerver platform provides Kvadrat with a strong foundation to scale the business to new markets and thus strengthen their leadership position. The solution has just been launched in Denmark, while Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Italy and Japan will follow in 2018 and onwards. In addition, the solution is responsive so it performs optimally on desktop and mobile devices.

In addition to raising customer loyalty and sales, the solution helps streamline the entire sales process from manufacturer through retailer to end consumer. The solution thus optimizes a previous manual sales process and reaps significant efficiency gains.

Vertica has been at the forefront of the development and implementation of the solution, while Magnetix has provided the graphic design.