A jumble of integrations

One challenge many companies face is that they have had a manual approach to integration from their early days. This means that there are countless integrations between two isolated systems that have been made manually as the need arises. Does that sound familiar?

Then maybe over the years you have established a jumble of integrations, and now you have lost the sight and control of your data flows. You may spend a lot of time trying to figure out why data doesn't show up where it should be, which prevents you from focusing on developing the business at the pace you want. Or maybe you see the plans for a new e-commerce solution as the obvious opportunity to tie your systems together in earnest - and get the reliability and overview you've long missed.

We have a solution for that.

One cloud platform for all integration - IPaaS

Instead of interconnecting the individual systems in your digital landscape, we recommend that you combine all integrations into one cloud platform that acts as a postal center for data exchange between your different systems.

A unified integration platform gives you a complete overview of all data flows, so you know exactly what data is being exchanged in which systems, with whom and when. At the same time, you are given valuable time, which you no longer need to troubleshoot, but which you can instead spend on developing and innovating your business. That way, your integration platform is not just a postal center, but a tool that makes a difference in your everyday life - what you might call Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS).

We help you get an overview of your integrations and configure your data flows in the way that makes the most sense for your business. In a very practical way, we compile an overview of all your integrations, and then re-assemble them into a unified platform where we ensure that the right data travels between the right systems.

Digitalization with an outline

One thing is that the integrations are put into system and that they work. Another thing is that as a business user you have access to data in the integration platform, so you can follow the data journey, become smarter about your business and make informed decisions.

To that end, it is a great advantage to choose an integration platform that offers insight into your digital processes, e.g. in a dashboard with the ability to make specific reports on specific integrations when the need arises.

Based on your wishes, Vertica will help you set up the dashboards you need. We can also set up reports and visual overviews of your integrations.

Safety and monitoring in the daily operations

Mand skriver integration på whiteboard med sort tusch. Det er en vigtig komponent i en god ecommerce-løsning

Of course, it is not only for business development that you need to monitor the data being exchanged through the integration platform. Indeed, integrations are often business critical. If data is not transferred or not transferred correctly, it could mean lost revenue, dissatisfied customers or disappointed business partners.

Hence, there is great value in being able to monitor the integrations as part of daily operations. It allows you to act proactively when problems arise - and get them resolved quickly. We can help you set up alarm systems so that you are notified immediately when there is a process that come to a halt.

API and integration

The API-driven integration sets the standard for new integration today. APIs are a paradigm shift away from manual, bilateral integrations, which can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Instead, the trend is towards digital service catalogs - websites where you present your company's digital services in an "all-in-one" solution.

Here, your digital services get a visual identity, and your business partners become self-sufficient in setting up and testing the integration. In this solution, your business-turned roles, such as a customer manager, can actively use your digital services in dialogue with customers and partners and even in onboarding new integration partners themselves.

Vertica can help define your API strategy and develop your digital service directory. How can you use API solutions strategically in new collaborations with suppliers or customers in the future? What integrations should we offer to new partners to get started with minimal effort? And how should your new processes be for onboarding new business partners? These are all questions that we want to help you answer.

The value of integration

With well-executed integration, you can connect more closely to your customers and become a more valuable and efficient trading partner. You will solve your challenges of sending and receiving data and at the same time you will get an overview of your integrations between many different systems. And you get your processes standardized and errors minimized.

In short, you get your digital workflow optimized and streamlined. It is the foundation for you to grow your business with more and larger customers and more trades. At Vertica, we can offer you Denmark's most experienced integration specialists, whom you can get affiliated on a consultancy basis.