Electronic Commerce and EDI

When linking your processes across companies and systems, it may be relevant for us to involve electronic commerce, also known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

EDI means that two companies exchange data directly between two or more of their systems and that data is expressed in an agreed-upon standard. There are set standards for designing everything from orders and invoices to delivery notes.

EDI can be used for classic workflows such as:

  • Order management and billing
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse management and logistics management

Start with pilot projects

One of the great advantages of EDI is that you can start with a number of smaller pilot projects. You can then gradually roll it out to apply to all your trading partners without incurring additional costs. This means that you can continuously streamline your commerce.

At Vertica we can take care of the whole process. With you, we select the first pilot customers and make a plan for the further rollout.

We ensure your processes are unified and we guarantee you the cheapest, fastest and easiest implementation for all parties. Along the way, we of course make sure to give you frequent reports and ensure that you are just as involved as you want to be.

EDI can be used in many places

EDI can also be used for:

  • Handling of banking and bank statements
  • Ordering transport with track-and-trace for all parties involved
  • Ordering natural gas, for example, with automated status reports
  • Purchasing from external suppliers
  • Optimization of internal processes such as internal invoicing

Here's how we can help you

Whether you want expert assistance for one of your own teams or need a total supplier, you get a personal expert who has experience with exactly your type of needs.

We are looking for a model that suits you.

We help you put together packages of standard documents for EDI that cover your processes so that the integration with your trading partners can be as smooth as possible.

We handle communication with your partners and can help them to be effectively integrated into your business - including secure format agreements and testing.

We help you select pilot customers, run initial deployments and ensure the success of EDI with you focusing on rollout to all your partners.

Service and 24/7 on-call assistance