Meets the integration needs of the future

Azure Integration Services (AIS) is cloud-based and consists of a number of online services that allow you to connect both on-premise and cloud systems without having to install or maintain any software on your local server.

AIS can both meet the classic integration need - for example, integrate your website and webshop with, for example, financial-, storage or product systems and exchange standard EDI documents.

At the same time, Azure Integration Services can also meet the integration needs of the future, with services and APIs replacing bilateral setups.

A major difference between the BizTalk platform and Azure Integration Services is that you do not have to buy access to all the tools, but you only pay for the tools you use. This allows you to reduce operating costs, and you can scale as the company develops.

A building block solution

Azure Integration Services is a building block solution that supports an agile development process and leaves great maneuverability in working with new and existing integrations.

Azure Integration Services consists of four components:

  • Logic Apps: Enables data and functionality to be made available through endpoints, as well as automating processes and workflows without writing code.

  • Service Bus: Allows you to connect programs and services and send messages both synchronously and asynchronously.

  • API Management: Allows you to deliver data securely from A to B by deploying APIs.

  • Event Grid: Enables reliable event delivery on a large scale.

Finally, Azure Integration Services is also a platform that fits very well if you have built your IT landscape around the more general building blocks from Microsoft in the form of their Dynamics AX, D365 or Dynamics CRM.

Here's how we get you started

Do you have a system landscape that consists of some of Microsoft's building blocks, does your existing integration setup need a review, or do you want to get your integration future-proofed by moving it into a cloud-based platform?

Don't hesitate to contact Thomas and make an appointment. At the meeting, we review the AIS platform based on your context and show the platform's strengths and great flexibility.