Be one step ahead of mistakes and unwanted incidents

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With Vertica Monitoring, you get access to detailed information about errors and unwanted incidents in your critical solutions that your service team or suppliers can handle before they have consequences for your customers' user experience and thus your business.

In addition to monitoring the solution in the traditional sense, we also collect valuable information about the solutions in real time. It gives you tangible benefits in terms of both operation and further development of the business.

What are we monitoring and what are the benefits to your business?


Every minute, essential features and pages are tested in your solutions, so you can respond to any problems before your customers are bothered by them.

Does the home page work? Can customers open baskets? Can users log in? Are there products on the category page? Are prices displayed on the product detail page?


Every minute, the latest log data is collected from the solution, so you can spot errors early and set up rules that automatically handle known scenarios and thus avoid repetitive errors or unnecessary delay.

It can, for example, be used to ensure that the customer service managers are automatically notified every time a customer is denied to use their credit card in payment.


Based on the data collected, alarms can be set up to notify when a known incident occurs.

For example, it may be a product that has been excluded by integration because the product does not have a price. It may also be an order that cannot be sent to ERP or something completely different.

Hosting Resources

The hosting resources behind the solution are monitored in real time, so that they can respond before any overload or low capacity affects the functionality and uptime of your solutions.

Our customers who use monitoring

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