One solution for logistics, sales and customer service

Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark (SGDD) distributes high quality products and solutions to the building and construction sector in Denmark. SGDD include, among others, the plumbing wholesaler Brødrene Dahl.

SGDD transports 650 tonnes of materials daily, to consumers all over Denmark and thus has a large logistical set-up a large number of drivers and routes, that need to be planned and carried through. 

When the company faced the need to implement a brand new ERP system, it had to replace the existing logistics solution. It was an obvious time to evaluate the existing work processes in the company and develop a solution that could support drivers, sales people and customer service staff in their daily work further.

It has resulted in a solution that includes both an android app and a desktop web interface.

Logistics-app as a primary tool for drivers

To ensure success with the app, it was important that it could serve as the drivers' primary tool both in the terminal and on the transport route. As a result, the focus was to create a simple and intuitive interface that works on drivers' mobile hand scanners.

In the app, the driver is guided through the most optimal workflow, and they are only presented with the options that are relevant in the current work situation. This means, for example, that time-consuming tasks such as route planning and navigation have become an integral part of the flow of the app.

Web interface for better customer service

The web interface of the logistics solution is a unified tool for sales, logistics support and customer support.

In the solution, sales representatives have the opportunity to create digital delivery descriptions that drivers can easily view on the app so they can do drop-offs in the correct locations. At the same time, logistics- and customer support can easily and quickly search for and locate orders and deliveries as well as see where on the route a driver is located.

We have high expectations for our new logistics solution, which will make it easier and more efficient for both our drivers and service staff.

The technology

The logistics solution was developed in close colaboration between Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark and Vertica.

Both the app and web solution have full integration with the ERP system M3 - as well as a number of other systems.

It is Adobe Campaign Manager for sending emails, SharePoint for storing employee data, Google Maps for, among other, directions, directions and address look-ups, as well as Google Roads for drawing drivers' routes on maps via GPS data from the app.

Isobar has been responsible for concept, UX & design - and the solution has been nominated for a Danish Digital Award. You can read more about that here (in Danish).