Master Data Management

STEP is a multi-domain MDM (Master Data Management) platform that enables you to manage, organize and enrich all data in the business - from product data to data that concerns customers and suppliers.

Instead of information, images, etc. being in many different source systems, STEP combines them into one platform - so you can ensure that updates are automatically delivered in all channels across countries, languages and market segments. It significantly reduces time-to-market and removes all potential sources of error.

With the STEP platform you can connect, manage and share data from all your systems - ERP, CRM and e-commerce. It allows you to create a complete overview of all key data in the company.

Recognized enterprise platform

Stibo Systems is recognized by both Gartner and Forrester as one of the world's leading software companies in MDM solutions.

The Stibo Systems STEP platform has a flexible structure that combines the benefits of MDM (Master Data Management) with PIM (Product Information Management), enabling companies to manage knowledge globally with one process.

The STEP platform can be used both as a single multi-domain MDM platform and as a targeted PIM for e-commerce solutions, configuration solutions, self-service solutions and online services. The agility of the platform means that it can be used on a large scale but also as a foundation for ongoing digital development based on limited digital projects.

Benefits of the STEP platform

  • Multi-domain MDM platform
  • Enterprise platform for handling product data, customer data and supplier data
  • Efficient large-scale data processing
  • Seamless integration with third-party data sources
  • Fast time-to-market
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Partnership with Stibo Systems

Vertica is Stibo Systems Certified Partner.

We can help you to get an overview and optimize your processes around product data. We get the STEP platform set up so that it supports the processes in the best possible way and ensures that the right employees are involved when they need to.

At the same time, we implement the solution to provide just the overview you need, so that you are optimally and efficiently executed during your process.