Product data gathered in one place

One of the biggest challenges facing many companies today is that data is spread across many departments, stored in different systems and formats (Excel, Word, InDesign, PDF). With a PIM solution from inRiver, you get your product data in one place, and you ensure that everyone in the company can create, maintain and update product information, whether it be sales and marketing, technical specifications or general product data.

Implementing a PIM system also helps you manage the entire process of product data - from data entered into the PIM system until they are published on the channels where you need them.

Benefits of inRiver

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Updated product data across the company
  • Updated product data across marketing and sales channels
  • Controls and provides overview of the processes around product data
  • Reduced time to market
  • Good integration with other IT systems

Managing the process

InRiver is a unique PIM solution to create overview and control of the processes around your product data and launch to your channels. With a flexible and scalable information setup, you can easily reach your customers wherever they meet you.

inRiver's PIM solution supports four steps in the process: supplying, enrichment, planning and publishing.

The figure below illustrates how the process progresses through the various steps.

Step 1 - supplying

Product data is supplied from different systems or suppliers to the central PIM system and here it is updated and enriched with text, specifications, images, video and more from the various departments, each with their own responsibilities.

Step 2 - Enrichment

Employees across the company's departments can thus always find, maintain and work with data in one place.

The central PIM system supports product data differentiated in several different languages, for several different markets and for widely different channels, such as your product catalog, website, webshop, apps etc.

Step 3 - Planning

When the various product information is enriched, maintained and updated, it is possible to plan when and on which channels the product information should be placed.

Step 4 - Publishing

Finally, the updated data from the PIM system is exported to the various channels where you will need them. It can either be done as needed or in conjunction with promotions or seasonal launches.

Integration with other IT systems

At the same time, InRiver is easy to integrate with the company's other IT systems, including standard ERP solutions. This means that you can retrieve stock statements, prices and other live updated ERP information or work with datasheets and similar in PDF formats directly through your ERP system.

InRiver can be integrated with the following platforms and systems:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV
  • All standard ERP solutions
  • Adobe InDesign
  • CMS and e-commerce systems (Umbraco, EPiServer, Sitecore and more)

Partnership with inRiver

Vertica is an inRiver Platinium Partner, which means that we have extensive experience with the PIM solution.

We can help you get an overview and optimize your product data processes and get the inRiver platform set up to best support them and ensure the right employees are involved when they need to be.

At the same time, we are implementing the PIM solution to give you just the overview you need, so that you are optimally wound up in your process and as expected.