Control the company's product data

Data is often found in many places in the company: in the marketing department, in the sales department, in word documents, in excel sheets, in InDesign documents, in PDF documents etc.

With a PIM system from Perfion, you can control all the company's product data from one single place. ERP data, sales and marketing data, technical data and all kinds of product data can be handled by Perfion (images, videos, presentations, catalogs and price lists). Employees in different departments across the company can thus find, store and work with data in one place.

Perfion is:

  • User-friendly
  • Quick to implement
  • Efficient and safe
  • Always updated
  • Designed to handle change

Complete integration with other systems

Perfion is fully integrable with most ERP systems - including Microsoft Dynamics® AX, Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, SAP and many more. This means that the implementation of the PIM system is fast, and you can retrieve stock statements, prices and other live updated ERP information immediately.

You can also work with Perfion directly through your ERP system, where you can, among other things, handle product information, create datasheets and the likes in Word and PDF format. When a new product is under development, it will go through different stages. With Perfion you can quickly update changes to the product, so you always have the latest version lying, stored and available.

Perfion easily integrates with a number of platforms and applications:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV
  • All standard ERP solutions
  • Content Management Systems
  • E-commerce systems (Sitecore, EPiServer and more)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server

The Perfion PIM system is particularly strong when it comes to:

  • Cross-selling
  • Overview of variants
  • Product images
  • Local languages
  • Maintenance information

Strong component in the omnichannel strategy

Perfion is also a strong component of your omnichannel strategy. The system supports data differentiated in several different languages, for several different markets and in several different channels, such as your webshop, website, print, apps or in-store displays.

All this is handled at the same time as data exists in only one place in one version. Perfion thus gives you a single point of origin for your product data. That is, there is only one set of updated product information that is used across all of your marketing and sales channels. You can therefore use Perfion for all of your marketing materials, no matter how many different language areas and channels they are targeting.

As shown in the figure, data from the various sources of Perfion are supplied: Product data, ERP data and supplier data. From Perfion, this data is exported to your various channels.

Premium Partner

Vertica is a Perfion Premium Partner because we have in-depth experience in developing Perfion solutions. We can therefore advise you on how Perfion can support and optimize your business processes and create the foundation for omnichannel.