Denmark's best BizTalk consultants

The technology is a cornerstone of integration projects, but the focus is on understanding your business and getting a solution that supports your business processes. Vertica is Denmark's largest and most experienced consultancy within Microsoft BizTalk, and over the years our consultants have worked with several large companies on complex and comprehensive solutions.

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries. That is why we have insight into industry-specific issues and have built a large knowledge base that will benefit you.

At the same time, our consultants have the most in-depth technical competencies in everything from setting up the platform, handling security, working with services and interfaces to external systems, document standards and building a coherent integration solution based on the Microsoft BizTalk platform.

Do you need a consultant?

We help based on a model that suits you. Together, we evaluate which setup is best for you, and on that basis we put together the team and the course that will ensure you the right solution.

At Vertica, you get expert assistance in the form of a consultant who becomes part of your team. The consultant will either be able to handle all of your integration as an area or together with you, lift your skills, projects and integration to ensure you the optimal architecture, solution and quality.

With the consultant and your regular contact person at Vertica, you are continuously planning the level of involvement and what periods the consultant will work for you.

Are you facing a major integration project?

If you are facing a coherent process that is better suited as a project rather than a consultant involvement, you may need a full-line supplier to handle the entire project. In that case, we will step in and lift your integration setup as a total delivery from the initial clarifications on implementation and to the subsequent operation in our service department.

For larger projects, you get a permanently associated project manager from Vertica, who through regular dialogue with you ensures that you are constantly informed about progress and results in the project from start to finish.

When your solution is in place, you will most often need a service agreement. This is where Vertica's service team can help - possibly in collaboration with an operating partner who handles servers. We monitor BizTalk, services, interfaces and running integrations and fix errors.

We can both offer a service agreement that works within normal business hours at. 8-17 in weekdays and one that applies around the clock. In either case, we respond within 2 hours of your inquiry.

Our experienced BizTalk consultants are thoroughly acquainted with your BizTalk solution, and you are guaranteed at least two consultants with knowledge of your specific solution.

Vertica's service team can also help if you need monitoring of your BizTalk solution. We monitor using various monitoring-tools and report errors in the event log, disk space problems and change of status of services.

Read more about Vertica's service agreement

Get a BizTalk maintenance check

Are you experiencing general problems with performance, security and maintenance of the solution? Then it might be time for a review of your BizTalk installation. We are happy to review installation, configuration and running solutions at no charge.