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The Rosendahl brand is associated with functional design with a pure style. This is displayed in the Rosendahl Design Group’s new line of webshops. Vertica has been in charge of interaction design, integration and technical development while the agency Hello Monday have delivered the overall graphical design for three of the five websites.

The challenge

The Rosendahl Design Group wished to revitalise their digital presence and, thus, allied themselves with Vertica who have been at the head of the development of several new websites for the design specialist. The purpose of the redesign was primarily branding, secondarily sales.


The Rosendahl Design Group wants to focus on modern e-commerce and, thus, launched no less than five e-commerce sites. In addition to the main site, Rosendahl.dk, a number of specific brandsites were created. The goal was to support each brand’s value and unique visual identity.

Rosendahl.dk, which has been launched in all of the Scandinavian countries as well as in an international version, addresses both the browser and the busy purchaser. Facetted search provides the customers with an overview of Rosendahl products, and it is easy to find products from the favourite brand or a present from a particular price category.


Holmegaard, too, now has a separate e-commerce site, which shows the exclusive and modern, yet timeless products from Holmegaard. Like the other brandsites, this site is based on the code from Rosendahl.dk and has then been styled for Holmegaard. This means that all brandsites have the same functionality as the Rosendahl site.

Glass, candlestick holders and other products are displayed in inspirational environments in order to illustrate how Holmegaard fits into every home.

Global Knives

The Global Knife shop presents the wide selection of the popular knives. The solution unites the well-known and functional design line with a simple and user-friendly e-commerce site. Vertica has been in charge of development and design for the site.

Kay Bojesen

Likewise, Kay Bojesen has a separate webshop where the focus lies on wood as a material. At the same time, the shop offers an aesthetic presentation of the many classical Danish design gems. In addition to development, Vertica has also designed the site.

Bjørn Wiinblad

When The Rosendahl Design Group acquired the rights for Bjørn Wiinblad, they wished to rebrand the product line. The focus on the new site lies on portraying the Wiinblad line and, at the same time, show the range in the product selection. The site is responsive so that it performs optimally on smartphone, tablet and desktop. Something which is planned for all the above-mentioned sites.

With Vertica as our partner, we have established solid and flexible e-commerce platforms that support our design universe and which we can use for all of our brands.”

Tina Korshøj Winsløw

Head of E-commerce at The Rosendahl Design Group


unique brandsites



The results

With the new e-commerce solutions, The Rosendahl Design Group have a number of effective platforms for online sales and branding. At the same time, the solutions are inspirational and functional for the visitor.

The solutions are built in Umbraco and uCommerce.  

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